Welcome to motor historic museum at Stange

The museum is open for five weeks during the summer. See “Hours and prices”. At least one of the owners will be there every day.

Norsk Motorhistorisk Museum (NMHM – Norwegian Motor Historic Museum) was established 1990 as a self owned foundation. Our aim is to preserve and make available for the enthusiast and general public the motor historic development in Norway.

Knut Bakke, Hamar, has been collecting motorcycles and other memorabilia since 1970, while Dag and Ole Bækkedal started collecting and restoring agricultural machinery in 1980. In 1988 we realized we had common thoughtcas about making a museum. We had then since 1987 had a machine exhibition at Fokhol in Stange (Brødrene Bækkedals Landbruksmaskinsamling). In 1991 we moved the collection to Lindstad vestre in Stange, where Dag and Ole grew up, and at the 8th of June 1992 the museum (NMHM) was officially opened with regular opening hours. After more than 20 years collaboration with Knut bakke was finished in 2013. NMHM displays internal combustion propelled units on a presentable area of 2.200 m2.

The unique collection counts around 400 motorized vehicles and machines, among them a portable steam engine from 1903. About 200 machines are on display - mostly tractors and stationary engines, but also some vintage cars, motorcycles and construction machinery. NMHM has a close cooperation with ”Motorveteranene i Hedmark” and ”Hedemarken Maskinlag”. In the weekend before St Hans every second year (unequal years), we arrange a show  and share market (Veterantreff), where also a vintage car rally (Hamarløpet) usually has a stop at the museum. By mid September every year we have a national or local vintage ploughing contest at the museum or in the district.

To learn more and to help others we appreciate donations of all kinds of literature, pictures and items related to the aim of the museum. Maybe you can help us? If you have seen or know of old machinery in need of being taken care, please let us know.